Mike Murphy

The launch of The Man Who Didn't Like People

The launch of The Man Who Didn't Like People, at the Petrichor Gallery in Walpole on Friday, August 10, 2018, was a big success.

A lot of local people turned out for the occasion and there were also visitors from Perth and from Denmark. My good friend and Beta Reader, Clive Kendrick, launched the book after telling the audience about my career as a writer and I then explained how I got the idea for the story.

After that it was selling and signing, and since my writing hand didn't pause for the next hour or so you can imagine how well the sales were going. What was even better, several people called me or the Petrichor Gallery the next day to say they had read the book overnight and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have to express my thanks to the owners of the Petrichor Gallery, the Edmonds family - David, Liz, Elsie and Monty - who organised everything for me and made sure the launch ran smoothly.  There were three banners on stands promoting my book, a wall display of excerpts from the novel and a short biography, another display of framed copies of some of my poetry and prominent display of both The Man Who Didn't Like People and A New Era For Manny Youngman on the counter of the gallery's shop.

Also my thanks to Clive and Jenny Kendrick who served the drinks as well as Clive performing the actual launch, and to Maggie Aggett and Graham Hawkes, who travelled down for the day from Perth. Maggie was another of my Beta Readers whose insights helped me polish the original draft into something I am very proud to have published.