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Thanks for visiting my page.I write novels that express and examine ideas that challenge commonly- held concepts of human relationships.  Society is changing and a lot of men are no longer clear what being a man means, what their role is expected to be and where they stand in family and social relationships. I don't have the answers but I raise the questions to encourage the discussion.

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I live in Walpole, Western Australia where I spend most of my time
writing and living a good life.

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The Man Who Didn't
Like People

  One reviewer said: "Wow. I don't know what I was expecting but it was not the gripping emotional ride I got." 

A story of a man's search and discovery

In The Man Who Didn't Like People the protagonist has retreated from his family and society, living a hermit-like existence in the bush.

Then he learns he is terminally ill and he returns to the city to seek out his wife and children and decide who, if any of them, deserves to inherit the large fortune he will be leaving behind. 

What happens when he finds them and how that effects the decisions he eventually makes is the substance of an intriguing story which has moments of humour and sadness and leads to an ending which is expected in some ways but not in others.

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Not read A New Era For Manny Youngman yet?

In A New Era For Manny Youngman I introduce a hero who believes feminism has unbalanced male/female relationships and that something else is needed if men and women are to be truly equal.

I then confront him with a 15-year -old daughter he didn't know he had and the novel plays out his problems in bonding with her and putting into practice what he has been preaching. 

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