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Any man would struggle to bond with a 15-year-old daughter he didn't know he had but when he has controversial views on the role of men in modern society and she has a militant feminist mother, it's a recipe for mayhem. Architect Manny Youngman has written books and regularly gives talks on his subject but that is not the best preparation when he meets Jenny, the daughter his ex-girlfriend Katy Frank chose to have without telling him. Now Katy is going to prison for throwing a bomb into a men-only club and Jenny needs somewhere to stay.  Hesitant at first, Manny agrees, but finds establishing a relationship with her a highly emotional and problematic process. Manny's parents, an important woman client, an interfering social worker and a lesbian couple all become involved as the story picks up pace and culminates in a solution that suggests a way forward for all male/female relationships.

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My novel "The Man Who Didn't Like People" is being typeset and put together for publishing. It should be on Amazon and other Internet book sites in a couple of months and hard copies will be available direct from me or through bookshops via the Ingram Spark catalogue. A couple of months after that I will have "Murder For A Grandmother" published and by the end of year I will have completed "In The Deep End", my book of poems and songs. Meanwhile I am well into the writing of my next couple of novels, "Australia Day " and "Why'd They Kill Grandma?" which will be published next year if I can't get them out sooner.